"Wappon" is the German term for shield or coat-of-arms. This wappon tells the Ollenburger story in icons.

These have been exciting years for us Ollenb*rgers. We include among our numbers now families from both sides of the Atlantic. We've tracked down an astounding amount of new lineage through the many new friends we've made. We gathered as an extended family for the first time. We've gained enormous insight into our individual and group histories. And we pledge to continue ardent research into our history and provide the most up-to-date references possible.

If you're here, chances are you're on a search for knowledge. That's what we're here for: Ollenburger facts and lore in abundance!

We're here to memorialize, too. Generations pass and the accomplishments of our forefathers become lost. Many old cultures support the belief that, as long as the ancestor is remembered, he or she still lives. By remembering our ancestors, we make them immortal.

And last, each day of the past leads into the future. The scope of the Ollenburger past includes stamina, leaps of faith, and perseverence, qualities that, we trust, remain in the genes to this day.

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